About Me

I am a computational geophysicist and research space scientist at NASA Goddard focusing on algorithm development for planetary seismology working within the Solar System Exploration Data Services Office. I am passionate about solar system exploration and finding interesting new ways to either improve future missions or extract further information from legacy datasets. 

I was born and spent most of childhood in Italy before moving to the US with my family. When I first started my undergraduate at UC Santa Barbara, I was a double music major in classical piano performance and classical voice performance and had no intention to pursue science. After the first year, I realized that a career path in music wasn't for me, and stared taking classes in math, physics, and engineering to try to find my calling. I eventually stumbled across geophysics, and loved the wide variety of skills I would learn within the major. I started a Masters degree immediately after finishing undergraduate, focusing on site-response seismology and seismic hazard. I then traveled to New Zealand to do a PhD at Victoria University of Wellington on ambient seismic noise tomography of volcanic areas. Post PhD-life has been a blur, with postdocs at the US Geological Survey, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and Caltech. 

In my spare time, I keep active by running, swimming, practicing martial arts (Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai), and dancing Brazilian Zouk. Of course, I am still in touch with my music roots and do music open mic nights from time to time.